October 4, 2019

Star Wars Inspired Sessions

Star Wars, Rey, BB-8, Disney
Central NY Styled and Cosplay Photographer
Central New York Cosplay and Styled Photographer
Central New York Cosplay Photographer
Central New York Cosplay Photographer

In a Galaxy Far Far away...

This summer I felt inspired to start something new. Our family had a Disney World trip scheduled just after the new Galaxys Edge land opened in Hollywood Studios, and I wanted to offer special sessions in honor of this momentous occasion. I had put out a quest on social media, asking if anyone was interested and I had a few inquire.

In August, we had two sessions with my friends daughter embodying Rey and then another session with a new Disney friend from New England for her son to portray Kylo Ren. These kids were wonderful and I barely had to give them prompts, they just knew how to pose, act, and enlightened me with their ferocity at their level.

In September, my friend Kara posed as Padme in a self-designed costume that did not disappoint. We traveled down to Short Beach in Revere, MA and weathered looks of intrigue as she posed with her super sweet kitty, Sweeny.

I still plan on offering these sessions at a special price, contact me for details!